The Ivey Band Travels To Kansas City – Southwest Woes – WMLML #14

The Ivey Band Travels To Kansas City – Southwest Woes – WMLML #14

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In this episode of Watch Me Live My Life, I pack my bags and drum gear to fly to Kansas City with the Aaron Ivey Band. I get stopped by airport security, our Southwest flight gets delayed 4 hours due to weather, we meet Lil Wayne’s tour bus driver, I find some snacks left in the back of my seat on the airplane that I try to share with everyone, it feels like the twilight zone on our Southwest flight, we run through the airport in Dallas to catch our flight, we explore the center of the earth, and we finally get to bed at 1am.

MY CAMERA GEAR: – Camera I use for vlogging and drum videos about 50% of the time. – Camera I use the other 50% of the time.

MY DRUM HEADS: – My preferred snare drum batter head. – My preferred snare side head. – Every drummer needs at least one of these. – My preferred tom batter heads. – My preferred tom resonant heads. – My preferred bass drum head. – My preferred front bass head.

MY CYMBALS: – 22” Ride Cymbal – 18” Crash – 19” Crash – 14” Hats


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