RUSH – YYZ w/ Paul Rudd LIVE 08042013 @ Clockwork Angels Tour Kansas City MO USA (Final Show) 22/

RUSH – YYZ w/ Paul Rudd LIVE 08042013 @ Clockwork Angels Tour Kansas City MO USA (Final Show) 22/

Rush, live at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri, on the last stop of their 2013 North American Clockwork Angels tour. After playing most of the Clockwork Angels album, they “return to their hilarious past” with the twelfth song of the second set, “YYZ”, an instrumental rock piece from their 1981 album Moving Pictures.

YYZ is the IATA airport identification code near the band’s hometown. The band was introduced to the rhythm as Alex was flew the band into the Toronto airport. The VHF omnidirectional range to broadcast the YYZ identifier code in Morse code. Neil said in interviews later that the rhythm stuck with them. Neil Peart and Geddy Lee have both said “It’s always a happy day when YYZ appears on our luggage tags.” The song’s introduction, played in a time signature of 5/4, repeatedly renders “Y-Y-Z” in Morse Code using various musical arrangements. “YYZ” was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rock Instrumental category in 1982. “YYZ” lost to “Behind My Camel”, by The Police, from their album Zenyatta Mondatta. “YYZ” has also been featured as a playable encore song in the video game Guitar Hero II, a downloadable song in the Rock Band game series and is featured in the recent Guitar Hero: Smash Hits game as its only instrumental. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson performed the song with Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins during a Foo Fighters concert at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre in March 22, 2008 midway through Stacked Actors, which then was not finished. In October 2008, Peart performed the song with the Buddy Rich Big Band alongside bassist Jeff Berlin as part of the ongoing Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert series.

Band members:
Geddy Lee – lead vocals, bass, synthesizers
Alex Lifeson – guitar, backing vocals
Neil Peart – drums

Set 1:
Big Money
Force 10
Grand Designs
The Analog Kid
The Pass
Where’s My Thing
Neil Peart – 1st Drum Solo
Far Cry
Set 2: (with the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble)
Short Film – Office of the Watchmaker (part one)
Clockwork Angels
The Wreckers
Headlong Flight
Halo Effect
Wish Them Well
The Garden
The Percussor (Neil Peart 2nd Drum Solo)
Red Sector A
The Spirit of Radio
Tom Sawyer
2112: Overture
2112: Part II – Temples of Syrinx
2112: Part VII – Grand Finale
Short Film – Office of the Watchmaker (part two)

MVI 3147

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