Kansas City ~ Hollywood Fats Band

Kansas City ~ Hollywood Fats Band

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Hollywood Fats Band live at the White House Tavern, Laguna Beach Cal 1980.

The Fats Band’s interpretation of the 1952 Leiber and Stoller classic.This song was a big hit for both Little Willie Littlefield and Wilbert Harrison.It was also recorded for Stax Records by Albert King who also hired a very young Hollywood Fats to play second guitar for him for about one year in the early 70’s.He fired him for one reason…the kid was the real deal-way too good and too often took the attention off of Albert.
Fat’s often used this song as a showpiece for his extraordinary guitar playing skills and sense of dynamics. Hollywood Fats tragically died in 1986 at the young age of 32, cutting short a life that had he lived, was destined for super stardom.Upon his passing Guitar Player Magazine wrote in a tribute to him that he was greatest blues guitar player to come along in the last 25 years.In a tribute to Fats music writer and critic Jim Washburn wrote “though a consummate backing musician,giving arrangements a spark without any ego flash to detract from a songs structure, Fats could always be counted on to step forward when it came time to solo and pour out chorus after chorus of incendiary playing.Along with a mastery of the breath of blues styles,he would also work into his solos modern jazz and Hendrix inspired touches.And through hundreds of gigs in unsung bars he was never repetitious,never uninspired,always pushing to make music that said something more.When Fats was”on” there wasn’t a better blues player alive.
Unfortunately the mix on this recording which was made only as a work tape,leaves something to be desired but the performance is what is now important given there are so few recordings of the one and only Hollywood Fats Band..
David Mac–Blues Junction Productions

Hollywood Fats – Guitar
Al Blake,Vocals
Freddy Kaplan – Piano
Richard Innes – Drums
Larry Taylor – Bass

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