HAZE MUSIC GROUP: New Electronic Music Video 2017

HAZE MUSIC GROUP: New Electronic Music Video 2017

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Haze Music Group signifies a fundamental shift in the Kansas City Music Scene. Haze Music Group looks to bring together EDM, Hip-Hop, and R&B under one roof. HMG specializes in artist consulting and management.

Kansas City based Artist and Producer Haze blends Hip-Hop, EDM, and R&B into pure sonic energy. In 2016, Haze independently released his debut EP “Night Clouds,” and signed with the up-and-coming record label Unlabeled Records. In fall 2016, Haze released the Electronic R&B single “Call You Out.” Haze is currently working on a follow-up EP with an expected release of spring 2017.
At the heart of Haze’s production is a modern take on classic 80s pop, upgraded with cutting edge Trap & R&B percussive elements. Within Haze’s darker, more contemplative compositions is a singular emotion: Desolation. Emptiness plays out in the dissonance, distortion, and reverb heavy instrumentation. When the heaving synths and distorted drums let up, the lush sonic signature of modern dance music takes over. It’s this ebb and flow between dark and light that makes Haze stand in contrast to other producers.

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