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College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors

3 reviews

Private Tutors, Nanny Services
6443 N Cosby Ave, Kansas City, MO 64151
Nannies of Kansas City

2 reviews

Nanny Services
Prairie Village, KS 66208
College Nannies + Tutors Overland Park

2 reviews

Child Care & Day Care, Tutoring Centers, Test Preparation
8101 College Blvd, Ste 100, Overland Park, KS 66210

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A nanny is a person who provides child care. Typically, this care is given within the children’s family setting.Throughout history, nannies were usually servants in large households and reported directly to the lady of the house. Today, modern nannies, like other domestic workers, may live in or out of the house, depending on their circumstances and those of their employers. There are many employment agencies that specialize in childcare. Nannies in many areas are a sought after member of the workforce. Many nannies become a part of their family’s household. Although previously looked at as a lesser-than job, today’s demand has made it a popular and valued addition to the lives of the family’s household.

Nannies differ slightly from other child care providers. A childminder works out of their own home, operating as a small business. In America, childminders are often advertised as a Daycare. Depending on the country the childminder or daycare is in, government registration may or may not be required. Within the UK, a childminder must be Ofsted registered, hold a current paediatric first aid qualification, public liability insurance and follow the EYFS. A mother’s helper is someone who may live in or out of the household, and assists the woman of the house with general chores as well as caring for the children. The term au pair usually refers to a young woman (or occasionally man), who comes from abroad to live with the host family and learn the local culture and language, while helping care for the children. A governess concentrates on educating children inside their own home, and a Kindergarten or schoolteacher does the same, but in a school environment.

Nannies today are often used in place of Daycare, because they can be more cost effective. Even though there are no legal requirements to be considered a nanny, families may require a background check or a CPR certification. Families may also look for other special skills in a nanny, such as being bilingual or having early childhood development coursework done. Nannies help play a key role in a child’s development by providing care.

The Kansas City metropolitan area is a bi-state 14-county metropolitan area straddling the border between the U.S. states of Missouri and Kansas, anchored by Jackson County, Missouri, and Johnson County, Kansas. Its most-populous municipality is Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO). With a population of 2,487,053 (2018 estimate), it ranks as the second-largest metropolitan area in Missouri (after Greater St. Louis) and the largest metropolitan area in Kansas. Alongside KCMO, the area includes a number of other cities and suburbs, the largest being Overland Park, Kansas; Kansas City, Kansas; Olathe, Kansas; and Independence, Missouri; each over 100,000 in population. The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) serves as the Council of Governments and the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the area.

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